Coming For Our Check

The world is watching #cutthecheck

With respect to Dr. Martin Luther King JR

We're coming to get our check, 1968

Our Mission

Achieve Social and Economic Justice, 2020

At C.F.O.C, we believe that Black people should come together to use our voice and influence to demand that America correct the wrongs inflicted upon our community.

Through the enslavement of African American people in this country, the US government, financial and educational institutions, and the American population profited immesurably - through the most inhumane means. Post abolition, the African American Community was further persecuted and denied the ability to freely participate in economic mobility. These many humanitarian injustices were specifically constructed, permitted and imposed by the US government, the architects of systemic racism.

We believe, to achieve true, holistic justice, economic restitution in the form of reparations must be paid.

In addition, systemic reform must address police brutality, the war on drugs, educational deficits, and the housing/infrastructure crises impacting our communities.

We'll soon be unveiling our approach addressing this injustice from the economic side:
  • Reparations
  • Restitution
  • Relief
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